mardi 13 mars 2012

Pantera : new single !

Petite annonce ce matin sur la page facebook du groupe :
"For those of you attending the Revolver Golden Gods, you are in for a treat: UNRELEASED PANTERA song!

PANTERA will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their landmark album, Vulgar Display of Power, with the worldwide debut of their first music video in 12 years, for the previously unreleased song, “Piss,” from the Vulgar recording sessions. PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul commented, “‘Piss’ is the only unheard complete Pantera track in existence. It was recorded at the same time as Vulgar Display of Power and it’s 100 percent Pantera with attitude and our signature groove! After mixing it, I can’t believe it didn’t make the record! So it’s 2012 and 20 years later and new Pantera music has been delivered. Cheers!”

Bref, en gros un nouveau titre, issu des sessions de 'Vulgar Display of Power', va faire surface à l'occasion des 20 ans de l'album. Et sous la forme d'une vidéo !
A priori c'est du Pantera 100% pur jus et ce serait le seul morceau totallement inédit existant. A voir donc!

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