lundi 23 mai 2011

Marylin Manson : teaser surprise

Le révérand vient de poster online un "extrait inattendu d'une chanson imprévue", accompagné de petit texte suivant, que je vous laisse à tous le soin de traduire (c'est plutôt philosophiqet et poétique, si si):

"Brave Now World. Don’t ever believe what you read, especially if you are illiterate. Art will be the burning churches, burning beds, burning witches, burning bridges, burning Cadillacs, burning forests, burning flags, and the burning human remains that are the evidence of the burned books, filled with stories of our razor and rope burns."

"But we will not be the ashes. We will not be cremated, we will cauterize our wounds. We never wanted our wings anyway.
"We are more than the flightless creatures, that are always expected to rise from the bonfire. These are barbecues for trembling, idiot arsons who pretend to be America’s Vatican in whatever ‘ism’ is easiest to swallow. After the horrid blowing jobs, they expect us to fight against each other to obtain the security of willing slaves.
"We do not walk among them. I am among no one."

Marylin Manson est actuellement en studio en train de terminer son 8éme album qui devrait sortir avant la fin de l'année.

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