mercredi 9 mars 2011

le décés de Mike Starr : réactions

Mike Starr, bassiste originel de Alice in Chains est mort hier à Salt Lake City.
C'etait un junkie, depuis longtemps, ce n'etait un secret pour personne.
Malgré des eternelles tentatives de desintox, la drogue l'a définitivement emporté.
Rest in Peace Mike, tu ne seras plus jamais "Down in a hole".

Jerry [Cantrell, guitar]and Sean [Kinney, drums] are mourning the loss of their friend and ask that the media respect their privacy — and the privacy of the Starr family — during this difficult time. Their thoughts and prayers are with the Starr family."

Slash (VELVET REVOLVER, ex-GUNS N' ROSES): "Really tragic news about Mike Starr. RIP."

Nikki Sixx (MÖTLEY CRÜE): "RIP Mike Starr. Another fallen soldier to addiction... :("

Steven Adler (GUNS N' ROSES, ADLER'S APPETITE): "I love and will miss my brother Mike Starr and I'm doing whatever it takes to not hurt all my friends and family that way!! Peace and love my brother Mike Starr!!!"

Matt Sorum (VELVET REVO: LVER, GUNS N' ROSES): "Drugs and alcohol aren't a joke. Please take care of yourself and respect yourself. We lost Mike Starr today. Rest in Peace man."

Mike Portnoy (DREAM THEATER, AVENGED SEVENFOLD): "RIP Mike Starr... I watched his struggle on 'Celebrity Rehab' and had my fingers crossed for his recovery... this disease kills... sad stuff..."

Mark Morton (LAMB OF GOD): "Horrible news. RIP Mike Starr."

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